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The members section of this site has an in depth tutorial on the getting the best results from the search engine.  You may do a "sample search" of the site with these simple instructions below.

Search This Site Several Different Ways

Click on one of the links on the yellow ribbon below.

Page Number Issue (Whole) Number Words and Phrases Reference Other Issues



You May Search The Entire Site for words, names or phrases!

The search engine will search the site for  names+location, full name etc.  You can search for "John Sparks"+Elizabeth to find pages with the combination of John Sparks and anyone named Elizabeth (possible wife or daughter).  You MUST use the "+" sign, NO spaces.  You may also find that enclosing the entire phrase in quotation marks will help narrow the search.

(Once you have reached the page the search engine points to, you can find a name on any page with:  Ctrl+F )

Find both the Whole Number and References to it.

At the bottom of the first  page on the restricted part of the site, is a table containing links to each issue of the quarterly by Whole Number.  If you know the Whole number you are looking for, use this table.

You may also use the search engine to find references to a Whole number in other Whole Numbers.  Suppose you wish to find other issues which refer to Whole Number 173.  By using the search criteria shown below it furnishes links to all Whole Numbers which references this Whole Number 173.

To find other whole number references to Whole No. 173:


(Always use the "+" sign with NO spaces)

Then Press the "Search" Button.


INDEX OF WHOLE NUMBERS (Issues) of the Sparks Quarterlies

On the main site will be found a table of Whole numbers.  You may choose a particular Whole Number from this table which contains links to that Whole number.


To find any Quarterly page, enter the page number in the search applet below .  You will receive one or more "hits" showing that number.  There may be several unlikely "hits" for that number, but you should be able to narrow it down to a page number in a particular Whole number.  Click on that link.  When you are viewing the Web page which it takes you to, press "Ctrl+F" and use the text search to find your quarterly page.


Paging Index

The Editor has provided an index to the pages of the quarterly showing in which Whole Number of the Quarterly a particular page may be located.  It also shows on which web site page that Whole Number or Quarterly page number can be found.

Link to Paging Index


Active scanners and Site Owners are:
Harold E. Sparks, Webmaster
James J. Sparks, Editor
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