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 Outline  Descendant
Family Group Sheet Genealogy Report
Charles Shute Sparks Spouse:  Martha Cowger
              b: 30 Jan 1829
Ardyce M. Boyd

Amanda Ellen Sparks Daughter of  Charles Shute Sparks
Ardyce M. Boyd

William Greenville Sparks
Son of William Jayne Sparks
Harold E. Sparks

Stephen Sparks
Spouse:  Anna Carman
Bruce Collier

Hugh Sparks, Sr.

Spouse :  Nancy J. Hankins
Jack C. Blair

Hugh Sparks
Descendants of Hugh Sparks & Virginia Jane Elkins
Harold E. Sparks

William Sparks
Descendants of William Sparks,
our immigrant ancestor
Harold E. Sparks

William Sparks
b: About 1782
 Born or lived in  Pendelton Co. Kentucky Connie Sparks

John Kanada Sparks
b: December 1864
Father:     Isaac Sparks
Spouse:   Fanny S Gabbard

Charles Sparks
b: 25 December 1817
 Father:   George Sparks
  Mother: Rachel McClanahan
Pamela Sparks Dunn

John Jackson Sparks
b: July 19, 1864
Father:   Soloman Sparks
Mother:  Nancy ______
Sherman Sparks

Lucy Sparks
b: abt 1838
Father:   Elijah Sparks
Mother: Sarah Evans
Suzanne Whitt

William Whittaker Sparks
b: 23 October 1830
Father:   Joel Sparks and
Mother: Lydia Whittaker
Justina Cook

Richard Sparks, 1720-1792

Michael Sparks
Joseph E. Sparks, Jr
b: December 11, 1914
Father:  Joseph E.Sparks, Sr.
Mother:  Eva Rose Forsting
Regina Carol Sparks Babb

Josiah Sparks
b: 1729
His Descendants.
Spouse:  Penelope Brown
David Ewing

Solomon Sparks Son of Joseph Sparks and wife Mary Cheryl Faye Whitt Rios

William Benson Sparks
(1833 - 1902 )
His Descendants
Sandra Lee Sparks Davis

William Montgomery Sparks His ancestors and descendants
Spouse: Patricia Lou Borashko
William M. Sparks

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